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Facebook…Time To Get Serious About It!

So you started a Facebook business page…Now What? Have likes died down after all your friends and family have checked in? Are you being deliberate with your postings and engaging with customers, vendors, and future prospects? Facebook has amazing potential and can benefit wedding-related businesses in so many amazing ways. The key is to take it seriously and plan/learn to use this tool to its fullest potential. In this post, I’ll talk a little about some ways to get started.

Decide if Facebook Will Benefit You

Facebook is not for everyone.  Before you decide to use it, take some time to think about how it can be beneficial to your business or not.  Also, decide if you are willing to spend the time to actually use it.  If you can’t keep it fresh and up to date, it may not benefit you anyways.  Decide in advance what you expect to get from using it…will it help you build you brand?  Will it increase your exposure to potential brides?  Will it be a great way to share photos of your events?  Can you use it to network with other vendors?  These are all great uses and benefits of Facebook…but these things don’t just happen right away.  It takes planning.


If you’re like me, you work better from a list. I like to do my heavy thinking in the beginning and generate a list which can keep me on track. Otherwise, I might get distracted, bogged down from having to brainstorm more, or just run out of time. Planning is key in using Facebook effectively and it starts with categorizing your posts. Once you choose your categories, it makes content generation that much easier because you have a guide. Here are a few ideas of post categories:

  • Vendor Shout Outs
  • Wedding Recaps
  • Wedding Trends
  • Wedding Photos
  • Links to Articles, Photos, Blogs
  • Link to New Flickr Gallery
  • Behind the Scenes Photos/Videos
  • Links to New Pinboard on Pinterest
  • Question of the Day
  • Testimonials
  • Promotions
  • New Product Info
  • Link to Important Page on Your Site
  • Upcoming Events


The next step is to use a calendar to schedule when you want to make these posts.  You may not want to jump from posting just once a week to two or three times a day.  It may be better to build up to that over the course of a couple weeks.  However, use this calendar to set a regular posting schedule.  For example, every Wednesday can be your “Wedding Photo of the Week” post where you feature the most interesting photo you come across on the web.  This can become something that people look forward to each week which can increase their interaction with and potential sharing of your content.

Create Content

It’s important to schedule time to create content.  You may schedule an entire week’s worth of posts in one sitting or on Sundays and Wednesdays.  However you choose to do it, just make sure you do.  Otherwise you’ll miss your scheduled posts and your page may be as stagnant as it was at first.  Creating content isn’t easy but it makes a difference.  Consider using a service such as HootSuite to schedule your posts in advance.  That way, the work is done.

Follow Up

Do make sure you check back every once and a while to see how people are interacting with your post.  Continue the conversation with the people who comment on your post to keep it fresh and engaging.

How has Facebook helped your business?  I’d love to hear you thoughts!

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