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WeddingWire…Why I like it.

I have been involved with WeddingWire as a wedding pro for almost 2 years now and have come to really appreciate the efforts that they have made in so many areas compared with their competition.  WeddingWire is one of three online outlets where I actually pay to advertise and I’ve enjoyed so many of the benefits that come with both the free and paid advertising relationship.  Here are a couple things that really make them stand out:


No one makes it easier to request and display reviews from past clients.  In addition, these reviews show up on other WeddingWire networked sites like Project Wedding and Martha Stewart Weddings which really extends the reach and power of the reviews.  They have also made it easy to display your reviews on your own website or blog just by copying and pasting the code.  Here’s what the widget looks like on my homepage.  Even before I was paying for advertising, I was collecting reviews.  However, they have given me an added incentive as an advertiser where I receive a discount on my renewal advertising based on the number of reviews I collect!


WeddingWire also offers a ton of education.  From webinars about the latest marketing trends and technologies to articles about sales and finance, they really take a partnership approach to helping you build your business.  Alan Berg, who seems to always have great marketing insight…something I really appreciate,  is even a guest author and has some great stuff out there.

Inquiries and Appointments

One of the newest features they have offered is the ability to make and track appointments online.  With this new tool, clients can schedule appointments at predetermined time through your website.  It also integrates with the inquiry and event sections of the service which provide you with a complete lead and prospect tracking system.


The site also allows you to connect with other wedding pros who use wedding wire.  Potential customers can see which vendors you associate with and can even read recommendations by other vendors…something that can tip the scales in your favor as customers weigh their options.


Although there are several other very cool features to WeddingWire, the mobile website portion is one of the coolest.  By copying the code they provide you into a particular part of your site, WeddingWire can transform the experience that mobile visitors have with your site into a very easy and attractive one.  The site loads your general information (basically all of the info you have listed on WeddingWire), your reviews, and your photos on the mobile device.  I have not personally used this service as we had just paid about $800 to mobilize our site a few weeks before this came out.  However, I recommend you give it and the entire WeddingWire platform a try.

Have you used WeddingWire?  In what ways has it affected your business and marketing?

Just a note…this is a genuine review of WeddingWire based on my experience with the site and is not reflective of any type of sponsorship or other paid agreement…I just like what they are doing!

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