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Ensuring That Employees Create, Not Destroy, Value

Ok, so anyone who has had to hire someone has experienced the anxiety that comes along with making sure that you’ve made the right choice.  When we hire people, we are essentially relinquishing control of pieces of our business that were once our sole responsibility.  This is essential for growth…the individual entrepreneur cannot do everything and be able to grow their business.  However, we all know that employees have a lot ofthe service here sucks…I won’t be back! power when it comes to making or breaking our company.  Their diligent efforts can amplify your success.  Their carelessness and poor attitudes can stop your growth in its tracks.  Think of how many times have you eaten out and said to yourself, “the service here sucks…I won’t be back!”  Think of how many times you’ve had pleasant experiences with a sales person that has caused you to say to yourself, “I will definitely do business here again!”

Sometimes I wonder how many employees really realize how they in fact impact the success or failure of their companies.  I also wonder how many employers realize this as well.  Your employees can be your greatest asset or your most dangerous liability and it is up to YOU to decide which.  If the service sucks, it’s because you mad a bad hiring decision, because you have not fostered a positive and service-oriented culture, or because you have not taught and trained them properly.  On the other hand, if the customer has a positive experience, it is most likely because of how the business is structured, how the employee is treated, and that the staff shares the same vision as their boss.

So why am I bringing up HR issues in a marketing blog?  Well, because marketing is all about people and employees are people.  Therefore, your marketing plan should dictate how you hire, train, treat, motivate, and lead the people who are the face and front line of your company to leverage them as marketing tools.  Employees can actually be your greatest marketing tool as their interaction with your customers and potential clients can affect sales, referrals, and word of mouth success.  What is your plan for the people you employ?  Here are a few questions to ask yourself when thinking about this:

  • What job positions in my company have the greatest potential for positive/negative customer interactions?
  • What qualities do I want in the person who holds this position?
  • Which employess are the greatest liabilties?  How can that be changed? (firing them may just be the answer to this question)
  • Which employees are the greatest assets?  How can their behavior, attitude, or quality or service be duplicated?
  • If I had to hire my entire staff, how would I do it differently?
  • What tools do my team members need to be successful ambasadors for my company? (this could be intangible tools like knowledge, training, and vision or tangible tools like business cards, literature, or other necessary equipment)

In what ways have your employees helped or hurt your business?


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