Marketing Ideas for Wedding Professionals...From a Wedding Professional!!!

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How would I market candles?

I went in the bank today to make a deposit and change my PIN and got to talking with the banker while her computer was getting up and running.  She had mentioned that she has started her own small business and being the curious person I am, I asked her what she was doing.  She makes homemade candles.  I had already explained to her that I work with small businesses helping them with their marketing efforts and websites and after she told me about the troubles she was having with her site, she asked me how I would market candles.

We talked for just a few minutes and these are the ideas that came to me:

Social Media- Her existing social networks could be a good start for her to promote her business.  Many of our friends and contacts are really interested in what’s going on in our lives and are usually supportive of new ventures.  That doesn’t mean that they will necessarily buy nor does that mean she should overstep by constantly pushing her wares as did one of my former FB friends who I had to block because there is no way I’d ever be interested in Scentsy, no matter how many hundreds of times she’d tell me and the rest of the world about it.  But it’s a good place to start to get the word out and begin building a personality for her brand.

Flea Markets- I asked her if she did any flea markets and she said she did so I told her she should find a way to capture the information from her customers and prospects.  That way, she can continue to market to them when she has new scents or products.  I told her about MailChimp which seems to work pretty well for me.

Incentives- I also suggested that she provide incentives for reorders.  I suggested that she use a coupon to get them to the website where they can interact with the site and order more product.  Those customers who buy in person may not be aware of the site and should be advised of it for future purchases…what better way to get them to it than with a coupon?

Video- Although I can’t remember exactly what the name of one of her scents, it was unique.  I suggested that she make a few short videos explaining where she got the names from and a little more about her product.  Just a thought…wouldn’t it be cool to show someone the candle making process?  That’s something I’d watch at least once and something that I’m sure candle enthusiasts would love to see.

How does this apply to weddings?  The recommendations I made after hearing about her business for maybe 2 minutes are geared towards building a list of potential clients as well as building a personality for the brand.  These are two important factors for any business.  Brides sign up for things all the time…usually to get more information and learn more about the wedding planning process.  Yet, the only lists we ever seem to market to are the ones that are given to us at bridal shows.  What other ways can we build a solid list of marketable leads?  Brides are also looking for personality…they want to do business with a vendor that they can relate to.  Humanizing our businesses and brands through video and social interaction go a long way to build trust with potential clients.

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