Marketing Ideas for Wedding Professionals...From a Wedding Professional!!!

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7 Days of Bridal Show Success: Day 3

So now that you’ve wowed your bridal show visitors and had enough staff to attend to everyone, the next step is capturing critical information from these prospects.  Sure, you’ll get a lead list from the show in a week or two, but that’s not enough…you need the info quickly so you can act on it quickly.  The most critical information is their name, email address, wedding date, and phone number.  Their address my be important too if you plan on sending them anything in the mail (I typically leave this one out as I will have access to it from the list the show gives me…that way I don’t look like I’m asking for entirely too much information).

A Fair Trade

You can’t always expect these brides to give up their information easily.  They’re aware of the onslaught of marketing messages that will fill their inboxes which sometimes makes them more hesitant to give you their info.  So, if you expect them to provide you with their precious contact details, you should expect to have to provide something in return…it’s got to be a fair trade.  Here are a few ideas:

A free wedding planning guide
A wedding budget form
A discount, coupon, or exclusive offer
A trend report
An engagement picture (that you took at the show)
A prize or giveaway
An invitation to a special tasting, DIY class, tour, or showcase of your work


The more you make this trade seem exclusive and special to your show visitors, the more likely they will be to give you their information.  Otherwise, they may think that they can access the report or discount at a later time, on their terms…something people usually don’t end up doing.

The Process

There are many ways to collect information.  Some people set up forms or databases for prospects to sign up on a computer or tablet.  Some people use little pieces of paper that get folded up and placed in a jar for a drawing.  My favorite way is to use a small, 5×8 notepad on a mini clipboard.  I’ll hand these to prospects and ask them for their name, date, email, etc. while I’m talking with them.  There’s plenty of space on the pad for them to write clearly.  Also, there’s usually a space on there for me to write additional details about the interaction such as interest level, things we discussed, special follow up instructions, etc….this is key to effective follow up.  I try to do this immediately while it’s fresh in my mind.  Sometimes, coming up with a rating system is helpful too and allows you to rank your prospects quickly and move on to the next.  This could be a series of stars or a 10 point scale.

The point here is that you end up with more than a name.  What you really want is a qualified lead with whom you’ve already begun to build a relationship.  Reaching out and marketing to this person who now has a face and who has communicated to you a level of  interest and unique details about their wedding that other vendors may not have is what will make you stand out from the crowd.

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