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7 Days of Bridal Show Success: Day 4

Today I’m going to touch on they types of marketing literature or collateral that are good to have at a bridal show and the strategies behind them.  Knowing that many brides will stick your brochure in their bags, never to be opened again makes some vendors skimp on high quality pieces.  However, these materials can be powerful in reinforcing your performance at the show and reminding your prospects why they liked you.

Marketing materials are a reflection of you

In general, marketing collateral should reflect your company’s style and brand.  The pictures should be representative of the work you’re trying to sell and should be high quality, if not professional, images.  The copy should be natural and should avoid overused words and phrases like “simple elegance” or “the premiere” anything.  They should state in some way how and why you’re different.  There should be a call to action.  All of your company’s pertinent information should be there and easy to find.  That being said, there are other strategies that may help your bridal show materials stand out.  Here are a couple ideas:

Making your literature match your booth helps to reinforce the theme, trend, style, or idea you were working to demonstrate at the show.  This also helps to tie together your marketing piece to their impression of your booth and company.  You may even go so far as to tweak your website or landing page by adding show pictures or stylizing the page to match as well, creating a seamless progression from booth to brochure to web.

Creating different marketing collateral for prospects in different stages of the buying process can help your materials appeal to a broader group of potential clients.  Think about the brides you’ve met at these shows in the past and divide them into different categories based on level of interest, progression in the planning process, budget, etc.  A prospect with general interest should get a general brochure or flyer providing basic information and resources for obtaining more.  Someone a little closer to making the decision who already knows a little about your company may be ready for a price sheet, menu of services, or an appointment card.  Don’t have these materials out where everyone can grab them.  It’s up to you to get the right piece in the right hand.  This also forces you to spend a little more time qualifying these leads before you hand them a brochure and move on the next one.  Take the opportunity to explain the benefit of the brochure and why it’s a right fit for them as well.

Here’s an example of different pieces for different prospects:  As an outside caterer, I know that there are some venues that bride’s choose where I can’t cater.  Most of the time, we can still do the cake so I have a special piece just about cakes that gives them a little info on pricing, flavors, etc.  It also takes them right to the cake part of our website.  I also have a brochure for those brides who haven’t chosen a location yet that takes them to the venue section of our website in hopes that if I help them find a venue, they’ll appreciate that and consider me for their catering.

I’ve seen some vendors also create show-specific materials with special offers.  This can be helpful in moving the bride along to make an actual decision.  Be careful if you choose a discount as your special offer.  I never like to take things right to price.  There are too many other points of value that I like to emphasize before I talk price.  Instead of a discount, consider a value-added extra.  We’ve done things like a free ice sculpture, hot dip assortment, groom’s cake, etc.  Sometimes people will value these much more than a discount because they’re getting a tangible, valuable item or service, not just a coupon.  I also think it’s important to extend this offer to non-bridal show prospects too.  Most of these offers have a time limit so be prepared for any prospect that contacts you during that time to want to take advantage of them.  There’s nothing worse than trying to explain to a bride why she can’t have something her friend can, just because she didn’t attend a bridal show.

Track your materials

The technology for tracking marketing materials these days is amazing.  I like to do two things to keep track of their effectiveness.  First, QR codes can be helpful.  I usually take the URL and paste it into a URL shortener such as to create a trackable link.  You can use the shortened link in a QR code creator and put that code onto your brochure.  Just make sure you follow the QR rules I mentioned in an earlier post.  Now, not everyone has a smart phone and those who do don’t all use QR codes.  It’s still a good way to see how people are responding though.

I have also used landing pages in the past to track the response from marketing efforts.  This can be as easy as creating a page at or /specialdeal and then tracking the analytics on the page.

The purpose of the tracking to to gauge the response to your offer or call to action.  If everyone is clicking but no one is buying, there’s a disconnect somewhere.  If no one is clicking, maybe they don’t understand the offer, are not interested, or need more or different information.

That’s it for today.  Tomorrow I’ll talk about vendor interaction at the show.  I’m guessing some of you may disagree with that one but that’s ok…just be sure to tell me what you think.

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  1. Andrea
    AndreaDecember 11,13

    I am a wedding floral designer with no background in marketing, and I’m looking at participating in my first bridal show. Your tips are helpful, even if some of it is over my head. Thanks for doing what you do!

  2. rdMKTG
    rdMKTGDecember 27,13

    Thanks Andrea! I’m hoping to write a lot more this coming year. Good luck with the bridal show! -Ryan