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Stop Hijacking My Facebook Page!!!

Maybe I’m just extra sensitive but I have a problem with other wedding vendors posting spam on my Facebook page…it’s mine so leave it alone!  Here’s why it bothers me so much.  I work hard to post content that will appeal to the people nice enough to like my page or that attracts others to like the page for more of that content.  I don’t like the idea that someone can come in and post a shameless self promotion with the idea  of gaining exposure to my people without providing any real value.  If you have a special promotion, just for my customers (and probably everyone else’s too), ask me before you put it up there….or I will delete it.  If you’re advertising and event and you’d like me to share it with my folks, ask me and I probably will.  Posting something on the wall gives the appearance that I endorse it…it is a reflection of me, my company, and the quality of my content.  If it’s overly spammy, cheesy, or cheap, it makes me look that way.

Now, I do love when people post quality things on my page…maybe a picture of me doing what I do at the event or a “had a great time working with you at the wedding last night.”  This makes me look good so I’m ok with it.  Whenever I post on someone’s wall, I make sure that it benefits them more than me…which makes them happy with me which will eventually benefit me as well.

Maybe this makes me too controlling or maybe I’m right…what do you think?

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