Marketing Ideas for Wedding Professionals...From a Wedding Professional!!!

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We’re All In This Together

So I spent a little time yesterday visiting a bridal show that I wasn’t participating in.  Don’t worry, I wasn’t one of those folks that shows up with logo apparel passing out business cards as brides left the building.  I was interested in the show so I thought I’d take a look.  What was most impressive to me yesterday wasn’t so much the show (although there appeared to be a great showing) but it was more the feeling of camaraderie.   I saw my friends there and enjoyed getting to chat with them for a few minutes.  I looked around at all the brides and, instead of thinking “crap! I’m missing out!”, I was hopeful for the success of the vendors that were there.  I was pulling for them, wishing that they book as much as possible…even my competitors.

Look, we’re all in this together.  Competition makes us better.  Friendship in the industry leads to great things…and I’m not just talking referrals.  Friendship helps us enjoy what we do more, which is so very visible to our clients.  Friendship helps us work better with other vendors.  If we know each other well enough, we help each other out more, we anticipate each other’s needs, and we become a solid and unified force for serving our brides.

Sometimes we have to look up from what we’re doing, step outside of our comfort zone, and make friends.  It’s no different from what we did when we were kids.  In this industry, we need each other…no wedding business is an island and those who try to be, get left behind.

Featured Image by StuSeeger