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Framing the Conversation

I had a unique opportunity yesterday to be on the radio to talk about my catering company.  I traded food at a local spotlight function for 15 minutes or so on the morning show.  Although I think the interview went well, I was a little disappointed afterwards.  There were 3 things in particular that I was hoping to touch on but didn’t have the chance to do so…this was my own fault.  Prior to the interview, I was asked if there were any questions or topics I’d like to talk about.  I was busy at the time and didn’t really have time to think about it so I said no.  As I was preparing the night before, there were 3 topics that became clear to me I wanted to touch on.  I showed up at the radio station, was rushed in the studio and sat down with seconds before we were on the air.  The interview began and the interviewer did a great job pulling info from his experience and our website to help me talk about my company yet my topics never came up.  We took a commercial break and I didn’t say anything hoping we’d get there.  We didn’t.  We took another break and I was silent.  Then the interview was over and I was disappointed.  Don’t get me wrong, I was still able to talk about some great aspects of our business, just not the topics I had prepared for.

I realized on the drive in to work that I had made a huge mistake…I allowed this experience to in essence happen to me instead of controlling and framing it around my agenda.  My 3 topics were first to tell our story, second to talk about a new package we’ve put together to take advantage of a growing trend in the market, and third to connect listeners with the idea of checking the local NACE website when hiring event professionals.

Here’s what I should have done.  When I got the email, I should have replied saying I had a few things I’d like to cover and will send those over as soon as I have a free moment.  That would have made this a priority because I would have committed to submitting some topics for discussion.  Then, I should have typed them out and handed them to the interviewer that morning to ensure that they would come up.  I should have taken control to ensure that my message was the one being sent.

This happens to us so much in marketing.  We commit to a bridal show, some type of showcase event, an open house, a magazine ad, a radio or tv appearance, etc. then we get so busy that we scramble to fulfill our obligation leaving our strategy on the table for another day when we have time to develop it….that time never comes unless we schedule it.  We have to frame the conversation.  We have to put enough thought and effort in our marketing to get our message out there the way we want it, according to our goals, objectives, and agenda.  We have to think about what we want to happen as a result of our efforts and what we need to do or say to maximize that effort to make it happen.  Then we do those things.

I wanted to tell our story because I wanted the audience to connect with us more deeply…to understand who we are and why we do what we do.  I wanted to talk about the new package to let the audience know that although we’ve been around for a while, we have new and fresh ideas which could benefit them.  I wanted to direct people to NACE because of my position in the organization and my goals to help raise awareness of the organization’s existence as an authority in the local wedding and special events industry.  I missed my chance to frame this conversation.  Don’t miss yours!

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