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Marketing Ideas for Wedding Professionals...From a Wedding Professional!!!

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Marketing You Can’t Control

I met with a June bride this week who happened to mention that she was present at a wedding we had done recently.  I told her that I had a March bride who also went to that same wedding and asked if they knew each other.  It turns out that all three grooms worked together in the same office and that they also worked with one of my November brides.  I thought this was quite interesting.  I have no idea how this chain started, if one couple referred another who referred another or if it was just a coincidence that I was the caterer of choice for all 4 weddings.  Regardless of how it started, the scary part is that there are conversations taking place that I can’t hear, contribute to, or control.  All I can do is my best then hope that the conversation is good.  I’m also sending lunch to that office!

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