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Is She Delighted?

So I had a fun experience the other day with a bride.  She was coming for a tasting appointment with her fiancee.  In preparation for tastings, we always put out a black tablecloth (more to protect our wood and glass pub height table than for appearance), plates, ice water, silverware rolled in a cloth napkin, and their selected cold food items.  All of this is placed before they come in so we can jump right in once they arrive.  Well when this particular bride came in, her eyes lit up and she said something like this:  “Oh wow!  All this for me?  I feel so special.”  She was delighted…what a great way to start off a meeting where I will ultimately be asking her for the sale!

Since then, I’ve been thinking…what else can I do to create the same excitement and responses from my brides when we meet.  A flower arrangement, a glass of wine, a couple sweets brought out amuse bouche style?  I haven’t decided yet but the point is this:  Each interaction should be crafted in such a way that the prospect is delighted with the experience…the little things are planned and executed on purpose.  The “feel goods” they get when they meet with you may just be enough to make up their minds.

What are the little things you do on purpose to delight your brides?

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