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Getting Leads at Bridal Shows

For years we would wait with great anticipation to get the coveted lead list from the show producer and then not really do much with it.  Some of the show producers are getting pretty good at getting all the right information from brides to help make these lists easier to work.  However, generating your own leads in your booth is a much better strategy because you can collect the names of the people who really may be interested in buying from you and you can not worry about the rest.

I always look at the list and try to do something with it later on…especially with the names of brides who haven’t decided on a wedding date yet.  However, the lead list I generate in my booth is my number one tool.  Here are two ways I’ve done this in the past:

Take Notes

I mentioned in one of my original bridal show posts about using a note pad to get their information and then using the extra space to write notes about the brides.  One of my friends at this last show I did told me he tries to write three things about each bride so that he can use them as he follows up with them to make the interactions more meaningful.  I’ve done this before and it has helped me remember individual brides better so I could correspond in a more personal way.

Give Something Away

This last show I decided to do a drawing for a giveaway.  The prize was a personalized last name sign, a gift I give to all of my brides anyways.  It costs me very little to have made but makes a huge impact with our brides…but that’s a topic for another day.  Anyways, I prepared an entry form and requested their Name, Email, Phone Number, and Wedding Date.  I also asked them to respond to three questions:  Had they chosen a caterer for their reception?  Had they chosen a caterer for their rehearsal dinner?  Would they like for me to send them additional information?  I put simple YES/NO check boxes to make it easy to respond.  Only 14 out of the 95 people who signed up were not interested in receiving more information.  2 were groom’s trying to increase their odds of winning, and the other 79 brides wanted me to reach out to them.  The chance of winning something that costs me $35 to have made just bought me 79 people who want me to give them more information…pretty cool.

What next?

So now that I have these names, what is the next step…what do I do with them?  That will be the topic of my next post.  Do you have any creative ways of capturing prospect information at a bridal show?



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