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Frame Of Mind

“Frame of Mind Awareness”

I recently completed reading a book by Jay Baer called Youtility where he gave a name to a strategy that I have used for years to attract customers and wedding prospects…Frame of Mind Awareness.  I have always heard about “top of mind awareness” and determined a long time ago that it’s not for my wedding business.  I never thought it made much sense to spend money on advertising campaigns designed to just keep you top of mind, hoping someone will remember when they realize they need to hire a DJ or photographer.  My philosophy has always been to be where my prospects are when they realize that they need what I’m selling.  Then, as they search for what I’m selling, they find it with me.

Here are a couple examples of how I do this:

  1. SEO.  The most obvious tactic is search engine optimization.  Almost every bride uses a search engine in their wedding planning to find a vendor.  It makes sense to work to optimize your site so that when they search for “wedding catering” you show up on top.  Now I understand this is a lot easier said then done but it illustrates a classic example of Frame of Mind Marketing.  SEO is hard and time consuming but is effective at funneling prospects in your direction.
  2. Bridal Events, Open Houses, Shows, Publications, Listing Sites, etc.  These marketing opportunities are designed with Frame of Mind, well, in mind.  They exist because there are couples out there that need resources to help them plan their wedding.  They provide inspiration, ideas, check lists, and lots of vendor choices.  They target and attract prospects in a way that makes them more exposed and accessible to your marketing efforts.  I think this is why other events that we are sometimes asked to be a part of (charity events, chamber events, busines expos, etc.) don’t work as well….people are usually there for free stuff, not because they are at a point where they are ready to buy what you are selling.
  3. Other Vendors.  Taking “Frame of Mind” a step further, it’s important to make sure you’re around when couples are looking at other vendors.  This comes in the form of having business cards or flyers out at other vendors’ shops, being on a preferred list, having such a great relationship with that vendor that they refer you all the time, being listed on their website, etc.  What I like about this tactic is that you have other people in the industry backing you up because brides put so much weight on referrals and they love to ask other vendors about you.  This is why it’s important to foster partner relationships like I wrote about last time.

Being strategic about placing you business where your prospects are as they come to realize they need you (i.e. get engaged) is so important.  However, as I’m sure you are aware, there is increasing pressure to not just be there but to be active in being useful and helpful to brides as they plan their big day.  These days, a checklist or helpful guide to some aspect of planning a wedding is becoming just as important, from a marketing standpoint, as being in the right place at the right time.  This is the premise upon which Baer wrote his Youtility book…being useful.  Instead of “frame of mind,” Baer says we should focus on “Friend of Mine Awareness.”  The idea is that we are so useful and helpful that when it comes time for customers to buy what we sell, they already know and trust me and will buy from us too.  This is why I have such a robust Venues page on my catering website…if I can help people find a great venue, they’ll want to use me for their catering…it works and it will become increasingly important to engage in this type of marketing in the future, maybe even more so than being there when a prospect is in the frame of mind to buy.

What types of marketing do you do that can be considered Frame of Mind or Freind of Mine marketing?

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