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What’s the Next Step?

I recently had the opportunity to speak at a local NACE meeting where I was asked a question about what to do about a client who has eaten up a lot of time and hasn’t made the decision (made the deposit) yet about using their services.  My question to her was, “In any of these emails, have you let them know what to do next?”

Customers need to know what the next step is.  It shouldn’t be unclear either.  If the next step is to pay a deposit, tell them. They may just be waiting on you!  I make it a habit to lay out for my brides what the progression is like if they decide to work with me.  Sometimes, even before I meet them, they know what our deposit requirement is.  Whenever I get an inquiry, I outline the process either over the phone or in a welcome email which is as follows:

Initial Appointment, Tasting, Deposit, Site Visit, Final Count and Final Balance

I don’t want any surprises.  I don’t like putting people under pressure to make a decision either.  I feel like when I’m clear as to what the next step is, they are not surprised when I ask them to take it.  They start to expect it which is great because it makes that whole asking for money thing a lot less uncomfortable.

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