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  • Robin New Logo

    5 Tips to a Rockin’ Vendor Page

    I recently helped a friend put together a new website for his DJ business and I knew, as we upgraded from a pretty dated design, that we needed to really spend some time making his vendor referral page more powerful.  For as long as I’ve …

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  • No Sales

    The Sleazy Salesman

    The other day I had an interesting interaction with a salesman that left me, well, a little upset.  This guy really rubbed me the wrong way and, as I played back our conversation in my mind, it was clear that he just had not been …

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  • Holding Hands E1441190029167

    Can’t We All Just Get Along?

    I recently met with a bride and, while discussing the vendors she was considering, she told me about a disturbing interaction she had with a very reputable vendor at a bridal show.  There was a photographer there who was offering a pretty good incentive to …

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  • Thoughts E1440559603957


    I’ve been thinking a lot about priorities.  I’m stretched in a lot of ways, like many of you.  I have responsibilities all over the place….my family, my work as a caterer, my work writing here, my positions in local networking groups, church commitments, side jobs, …

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    Takeaways from NACE Experience!: Part 3

    So I was a little skeptical about hearing someone talk about Lady Gaga at the conference but was pleasantly surprised at the content that Jackie Huba delivered.  Here book is called Monster Loyalty:  How Lady Gaga Turns Followers into Fanatics.  Here are a couple takeaways …

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    Takeaways from NACE Experience!: Part 2

    You Can Learn from Anyone So I wanted to write a few minutes on one of the breakouts I attended on goal setting.  I’ve read and studied a lot about goal setting…well because I’m not very good at it and need the reminder of how …

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  • Fairmont

    Takeaways from NACE Experience: Part 1

    So I’m sitting in a beautiful hotel room with the window open to a fantastic view of the gorgeous Fairmont Scottsdale Princess resort, home of the NACE Experience Conference this year.  I’d be sitting on the balcony but it’s 100 degrees outside…but it’s a dry …

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  • Step E1434768346900

    What’s the Next Step?

    I recently had the opportunity to speak at a local NACE meeting where I was asked a question about what to do about a client who has eaten up a lot of time and hasn’t made the decision (made the deposit) yet about using their …

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  • Bills

    Exposure Doesn’t Pay the Bills

    It seems like it’s that time of year again where I’m being asked almost every day to consider a new marketing “opportunity” that will provide me exposure to potential clients.  These opportunities have included charity events, tasting events, bridal events and shows, advertising on various …

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  • Frame Of Mind

    “Frame of Mind Awareness”

    I recently completed reading a book by Jay Baer called Youtility where he gave a name to a strategy that I have used for years to attract customers and wedding prospects…Frame of Mind Awareness.  I have always heard about “top of mind awareness” and determined a …

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