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    The Sleazy Salesman

    The other day I had an interesting interaction with a salesman that left me, well, a little upset.  This guy really rubbed me the wrong way and, as I played back our conversation in my mind, it was clear that he just had not been …

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  • Bills

    Exposure Doesn’t Pay the Bills

    It seems like it’s that time of year again where I’m being asked almost every day to consider a new marketing “opportunity” that will provide me exposure to potential clients.  These opportunities have included charity events, tasting events, bridal events and shows, advertising on various …

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    Is She Delighted?

    So I had a fun experience the other day with a bride.  She was coming for a tasting appointment with her fiancee.  In preparation for tastings, we always put out a black tablecloth (more to protect our wood and glass pub height table than for …

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    I was headed to work one hot afternoon this summer and came across this sign in my neighborhood…”Thirsty?”  There were a few little girls down the street set up and ready for thirsty customers with the perfect solution for their thirst…lemonade.  I wasn’t thirsty, was …

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    7 Days of Bridal Show Success: Day 1

    It’s almost a new year….time to start reflecting one what went well and what we want to go well in 2013.  It’s also a unique time for our market….this is when people are getting engaged and starting to plan for their weddings.  It’s by no coincidence that …

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  • Nissan

    Shopping for a Car

    I recently visited our local Nissan dealer in search for a new car for my wife.  We left a little disappointed in part from the lack of quality service we received and also because we didn’t find a car that matched our criteria.  Here’s a …

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